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Data Protection & Privacy Consultant

Data protection and privacy services  defines who has access to data, while data protection provides tools and policies to actually restrict access to the data.

Assuredefendors Compliance audits:

We also provide the following services to assist with achieving information standards:

  • Pre Gap-Analysis Vulnerability Assessment
  • Post Gap-Analysis Review
  • PCI Solution Recommendation
  • Solution Implementation and Remediation Work
  • Assistance with on-going compliance

Compliance regulations help ensure that user's privacy requests are carried out by companies, and companies are responsible to take measures to protect private user data.


At Assuredefendors, we do not just sell products and services. We provide innovative solutions and trusted advice for our clients. We consult, design, implement and support a variety of diverse technologies for any size organization. Assuredefendors experienced and certified engineers have seen every possible scenario when it comes to networks and cyber security.

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