IS Audit,Assess & Review Services

IS audit services help organizations information technology structure, operations, software programs and understand their key technology risk and how well they are mitigating and controlling those risks.

Assuredefendors IS Audits at a glance:

  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Policy & Procedure Audit
  • Granular Firewall Rule base Audit
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Technology Health check
  • PCI Compliance Audits

Firewall Auditing Services

At Assuredefendors we carry out a broad range of reviewing firewall security reviews and providing firewall testing services.
This requires us to audit the rule base and how it aligns with the industry's best practice.Utilizing a wide range of tools and scripts, we can carry out a detailed assessment on:

–Palo Alto.


VA and PT Audit Services

We perform Vulnerability Assessments, Application Security Assessment, Phishing Assessment & Penetration Testing. We can find the weak spots in your critical assets and take corrective action before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data.Conducting penetration tests against client’s networks and services.Performing security assessments on third-party services and software.

  • Internal and External Vulnerability Services.
  • External Penetration Testing Security Vulnerabilities.
  • Internal Penetration Testing Security Vulnerabilities.
  • Web Application Testing Services

IT Asset Management Services

Assuredefendors offers a full complement of IT asset management services that are designed to provide real solutions and money-saving results, including:

  • Asset recovery
  • Physical inventory assistance
  • Brokering assets
  • Purchase of excess equipment
  • Data destruction *
  • Computer recycling
  • Environmentally-responsible disposal

Our experienced Asset Recovery Specialists will determine your needs and provide you with a detailed practical solution for meeting all your IT asset management objectives.

Data Analytics & Continuous Auditing

The purpose and intentions of continuous auditing around the globe continue to emerge, extending beyond controls examination and yielding with regulations and policies. 

Our Approach :

  • Developing a strategic plan
  • Developing tactical plans
  • Choosing the best suited technology platform
  • Create and complete implementation strategies
  • Continuously evaluating the performance.


At Assuredefendors, we do not just sell products and services. We provide innovative solutions and trusted advice for our clients. We consult, design, implement and support a variety of diverse technologies for any size organization. Assuredefendors experienced and certified engineers have seen every possible scenario when it comes to networks and cyber security.

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