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Next Generation Firewall Services

A next-generation firewall (NGFW)  and UTM is a part of the third generation of firewall  technology that is implemented in either hardware or software and is capable of detecting and  blocking sophisticated attacks by enforcing security policies at the application, port and protocol levels.

Multiple firewall-related packages are available with us.Right from the setup stage, we provide all components of the firewall support services for implementation.  In addition, the migration support services are supervised by our certified administrators.

NextGen SIEM Services

Next Gen SIEM service keeps track of security data logs using historical and real-time,A SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) is a platform for managing security incidents. It allows the collection of system logs and machine data from across  your IT environment to help identify unusual or suspicious activity — and then reports an alert in real time if it finds anything suspicious.

Email Security Services

Why Have a  Email Security Service?

Eliminate management headaches by upgrading your email protection, continuity, archiving, and encryption with one streamlined solution.

  • Protect Your Email System
  • Improve Mail Server Performance
  • Reduce Management Time
  • Protect Your Business Reputation

Web Application Services

Web applications can be attacked because their creators make errors that allow unauthorized people to access sensitive data or gain  administrative access rights to the web application itself or even to the server. Attacks usually exploit the fact that web applications accept user input and this input may not be screened for malicious content.

Benefits of WAF Services.

Root-cause investigation and analysis, including all diagnostic services undertaken in order to determine
 the cause of or correction of problems as they are reported. Installing patches, fixes, and updates to operating system  and/or servers; installing additional software packages to the operating system or server; and installing patches, fixes, and updates to additional software packages as requested by Customer.

Endpoint Security Services

End-points are one of the most vulnerable spots within a network, thus they are frequently  targeted by malicious attacks. Since most end-points contain vulnerable data, their protection has the utmost importance.

Assuredefendors Service Offerings:
Assuredefendors offers consultative and assessment services to help manage risk, address compliance, and identify critical gaps in your security program.Need help figuring out where to start?  

  • Compromise Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Endpoint Threat Prevention & Response Workshop

Identify and Access Control

An IAM system can provide assurances and help keep track of employee activity. Having the ability to know  that only certain employees can view programs and applications will strengthen both security and operational programs for an organization.

Mobile Application Security

"Mobile threat defense (MTD) is sophisticated, dynamic protection against cyber threats targeted against mobile devices. With MTD, protection is applied to devices, networks, and applications. Mobile Threat Defense is the only way to ensure mobile security for your business."

Mobile Security:

Assuredefendors  Security Partnerships mobile security solutions can help you do all of this securely, covering all types of devices from the traditional company owned laptops  of the on the road salesperson to the staff owned ipads being used by the CEO for corporate email and files.


At Assuredefendors, we do not just sell products and services. We provide innovative solutions and trusted advice for our clients. We consult, design, implement and support a variety of diverse technologies for any size organization. Assuredefendors experienced and certified engineers have seen every possible scenario when it comes to networks and cyber security.

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