Advance Malware analysis training

Malware Analysis Course for IT Security lays the Groundwork for the course by presenting the key tools and techniques malware analyst use to examine malicious programs. You will learn how to save time by Exploring malware in two phases.

Features of this Course:

  • You will learn How to use System Monitoring Tools
  • Disassembling and Debugging with IDA and Olly
  • Monitoring Network with Wireshark
  • Analyzing Office Documents

Who this course is for:

IT SECURITY, Students, IT Managers, professionals, Auditors, security professionals & anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

Boot Camps Services

Our boot camps are geared to the needs of individuals who are evaluating technology options and/or have direct administrative and deployment responsibilities. Gaining deep, hands-on insight into various technologies will arm you with the confidence to select and execute the right solutions to move your organization forward.


Security Training

Whether you are looking for detailed technical training or just a basic refresher course, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of training. Our instructional style allows for optimal interactivity between registrant/student and the instructor to ensure that educational goals are met.

Our current training schedule includes:

  • BDU-1.0 -NextGenFirewall 10.1 Essentials: Configuration & Management
  • BDU-1.2  - NextGenFirewall 10.1: Troubleshooting

Custom:We offer customer training. These sessions are designed to meet the needs of the students, mostly on their own network. Customized to meet the goals of your business and will educate you on your own network or specific technologies. The training is held at a location ideal for you.

Cyber Defense Product Training

Organizations around the world are now looking for industry leaders that are cross-trained in offensive and defensive tactics. assuredefendors Cyber Security training offers  a holistic approach to learning that prioritizes both red and blue team learning.

  • Practical learning paths : Organized training that expertly guides students through the most relevant red and blue team subjects.
  • Unlimited lab time :Assuredefendors Virtual Lab environment allows students to practice real-world simulations crafted by  expert cyber security.


At Assuredefendors, we do not just sell products and services. We provide innovative solutions and trusted advice for our clients. We consult, design, implement and support a variety of diverse technologies for any size organization. Assuredefendors experienced and certified engineers have seen every possible scenario when it comes to networks and cyber security.

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