Data Diode Solution

Data diodes, or one-way data transfer devices, secure the transfer of data between low and high-security networks.Our Data Diode  solution including:


  • Supported Transfer Protocols
  • Voltage
  • Input/Output data
  • Data Transfer Rates
  • Diode Technology
  • Operating Temperature
  • Support and Sales Contact Information

Security Kiosk for USB scanning

Kiosk is a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before flash memory cards, mobile devices, and USBs—even when encrypted.Kiosk acts as a digital security guard—inspecting all media for malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data.


Custom Kiosk accepts multiple form factors, including CD/DVD, 3.5" diskettes, flash memory cards, mobile devices, and USBs—even when encrypted.Once inserted, Kiosk immediately scans for malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data. Suspicious files can be sanitized. Sensitive files can be redacted.


Kiosk lets you trust all portable media that enter or exit your facility.

Secure File Transfer Solution

"Secure file transfer -   is a cross-domain solution that enables the secure transfer of files into and out of critical networks. "


Secure file transfer and Storage you can trust


Transferring files into and out of any environment exposes systems to breach and infection. Portable media are often used to conduct these transfers, bypassing security protocols. Secure file storage and retrieval solution that protects critical data and keeps threats at bay. It limits access within an organization and provides important tracking and auditing information.


We deliver top technologies and provide customizable consulting services for the products we carry. We maintain the highest-level technical certifications and years of field experience in all aspects of networking and cybersecurity.

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