Identity Lifecycle

With constant changes in technology and the dynamic nature of employees’ access needs in the modern workplace,Our  IAM  solution  improve the productivity of the company in many ways:


  • IAM Create and enforce a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, or consider a Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) policy as an alternative.
  • Update all tools, platforms and apps regularly, and
  • Encrypt all data during sending and receiving.
  • Proper employee training also ensures all staff members understand policies and procedures, thereby minimizing the risk of error and reducing vulnerabilities resulting from ignorance.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) refers to systems that securely manage the accounts of users who have elevated permissions to critical, corporate resources. These may be human administrators, devices, applications, and other types of users.



With Our  PAM solution, you can rest assured that mission-critical infrastructure is protected. These must-haves will empower you to enforce access controls even on “super user” accounts, improve your security, and meet audit and compliance requirements.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Here is what Assuredefendors MFA Solution gives you:

  • Better security: It provides additional protection for consumers and employees in multiple security layers.
  • Boosted conversion: A streamlined authentication process keeps productivity high, leading to increased conversions.
  • Improved customer trust: Due to extra security checks, consumers and employees are rest assured about the data.
  • Reduced operating costs: The more the layers, the more is the risk of intruders from data breaches is reduced, leading to reduced investment.
  • Achieve compliance: Specific to your organization to mitigate audit findings and avoid potential fines.
  • Increase flexibility and productivity: The ability to remove the burden of passwords leads to better productivity.


This list is, of course, not exhaustive. There are also plenty of secondary benefits that may vary from industry to industry.


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Single Sign-on

A single sign-on solution allows users to input just one name and password for access to multiple applications.


Assuredefendors Single Sign On (SSO) solution gives you:

  • Easy Management: Using SSO synchronize passwords and user information, which makes access to different platforms and resources easier.
  • Security: Assuredefendors Single Sign On (SSO) authentication system improves network and application security. Single Sign On can uniquely identify a user, and it therefore complies with the most demanding safety standards. Information provided by SSO moves encrypted across the network.
  • Ease of Use :Our SSO solutions improve the user experience by avoiding the interruptions caused by password requests to access their IT tools. The user is authenticated once and the system allows him to access the resources for which he is authorized.
  • Seamlessness :Access to all applications by the user takes place seamlessly due to sign-in automation.
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